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  • What is FLYTE?
    Flyte is an energy drink that works like your regular energy drinks but without the copious amounts of sugar and chemicals! The drink is sweetened and flavoured from natural sources, as an example our sweetener is extracted from the Stevia leaf. With less than 35kcals in each 250ml can
  • Does FLYTE have caffeine?
    Yes. Flyte has 76mg of caffeine extracted from green coffee.
  • Is FLYTE safe?
    Yes you'll be safe and sound if you drink FLYTE (not recommended for children or pregnant or breast feeding women). EFSA say 3mg of coffee per kilo of body weight is safe. (
  • How many calories in a can of FLYTE?
    Every 250ml can of FLYTE has less than 35 Kcal.
  • What's in a can of FLYTE?
    A can of FLYTE has 4 parts: water, juices, natural actives and vitamins, natural flavours, colours from natural sources e.g. leaves, red radish, safflower and finally stevia leaf extract to provide sweetening to keep it under 35 kcal. For our actives, we use Caffeine from Green coffee beans, Schizandra Berry and Maca root extract. In addition to Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, B12 that contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism and a touch of Vit C, a known antioxidant.
  • How do I get a can of FLYTE?
    We are available in some WHSmith sites as well as selected SSP sites in the UK. Along with a number of independants. Please contact us if you want to know exactly where - or keep your eye out when you're out and about !
  • Is FLYTE right for me?
    If you're over 18, not breast feeding or pregnant, have a bustling work and social life and care about what goes into your body, then FLYTE is just right for you !
  • Is FLYTE vegan?
    Yes, absolutely! Flyte is vegan, and gluten free.