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Flyte is the First Energy Drink of its Kind.

100% sourced from nature and low calorie. Works like a dream. Powered by Organic Caffeine. Non GMO. Carbon positive. That's clean energy for you!
We believe in staying energised BUT not at the expense of our body or planet. Here's our clean energy promise to you:
Energy from organic caffeine extracted from green coffee
100% naturally sourced ingredients
Sweetness entirely from nature (Juices and Stevia leaf)
100% Non GMO ingredients
Carbon positive, so we sustain our planet together
FLYTE is unlike any other energy drink today. For starters, it's clean. This means you get going for less calories than an apple. With < 40kcals in each bottle, there's less calories than an apple. (Nutritional info per 330ml bottle)
~80% Purified Water
>19% juices & fruit sugars (depending on variant)
0.2% of our 4 Powerful Natural Actives
Sat Fat
We designed our energy drink packed with powerful premium natural ingredients. Forget your mid morning or afternoon slumps. FLYTE will get you going to make your day count for whatever you've got planned!
Organic Caffeine
A double espresso shot of organic caffeine extracted from unroasted green coffee to get you ready for whatever comes your way
Maca Root
Considered one of the lost crops of the Andes, A super ingredient known to help improve focus.
A super berry that's getting a lot of attention for blood oxygenation (or in every day terms, a vitality boost and help with fatigue)
For those of us who are serotonin lovers, Griffonia has 5-HTP, which converts into Serotonin, known to help lift mood and keep you alert.

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